Aerial Videography and Video Services

Cost effective, high definition (HD) accurate aerial videography covering most types of events, area / building opening, all occasions. Great way to do monitoring, assessments through to whole staff group shots.

Aerial videos are so much more affordable now; it is safe and accessible to nearly any business. SKY VIZ uses camera-mounted UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) drones with advanced equipment to produce brilliant full HD videos to suit your needs.

Why use SKY VIZ for your Aerial Videos?

  • Cost Effective
  • Close ups
  • Long Range
  • Tailored to your needs
  • High quality – crystal clear, HD results

SKY VIZ takes aerial video services to new heights giving you a fabulous product at an affordable price. SKY VIZ offers you a complete service for all your commercial and individual needs and we can even offer you a complete package of video and still photography.

Why use UAV’s for Aerial Videography

In a word, manoeuvrability!
UAV’s (drones) can get into a huge range of place that conventional aerial videos have never been able to go. Drones are highly sophisticated miniature aircraft that are controlled from the ground making them really safe and reducing your need to hire scaffolding, EWP’s, cranes or any other form of evaluated structures.

Drones are exceptionally versatile and perfect for videography and photography in a huge range of situations like:

  • Field Days, Special Events
  • Weddings
  • Rural Property
  • Mapping Services
  • Inspections
  • Commercials and Promotional Videos
  • Sports

Call SKY VIZ for Aerial Videography needs.

Call to discuss your next video project today. We can take care of your video needs and make it easy for you, cost effective, high quality HD video service is only a phone call away. Ring Tyron at SKY VIZ on 0439 983 939 today.

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Excellent aerial skills in any condition and a great bloke to have on any film set.
Paul Butterworth