Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Information is power and in an emergency response situation the quicker you can get see what you are dealing with the better. It is not always safe to send personnel into an emergency response situation like a fire when you don’t know what you are dealing with that is where SKY VIZ can come in with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UVA (drone) and assess the situation for you.

Drones can help to make emergency response work safer and more efficient by allowing you to see exactly what is happening on the ground. With the technology is that is now available a putting UAV in the field can give you a real time birds eye view.

Using drones for Emergency Response.

Drones can be used for a range of emergency response applications:
• Fires
• Search and Rescue
• Lost persons (eg hikers, boats)

“The Albany Sea Rescue Squad says the ability to use drones in search and rescue operations is the logical next step in emergency response.”

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