3D Mapping / Surveying

High resolution mapping from aerial photos that have just been taken can be used to generate a high resolution map of mining, agricultural areas and construction sites. With the help of our AscTec High Performance GPS flight system SKY VIZ’s UVA (drone) is able to hovers precisely over exact coordinates. We are then able to produce precise georeferenced images to your exact specifications.

3D Modeling

SKY VIZ is able to take aerial photos of the same site from different

angles that can then be used to create 3D models. These models can be are used for calculating the volumes of stock piles, used in vegetation and environmental monitoring and other applications.

Infrared and Near Infrared images

By using airborne infrared cameras SKY VIZ can provide
 a range of high quality images and modeling that can be used for mapping of water sources, pit and quarry volumes.

Near-infrared (NIR) cameras and imaging can be used for agricultural applications like evaluating different fertiliser levels on test fields, evaluating the condition of the trees for growth monitoring or risk of fire.

Why use 3D Mapping?

From the collection of high quality data SKY VIZ can turn it into actionable information that can then be used for monitoring, payment of asset assessments.

Call SKY VIZ for all your 3D Mapping needs.

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